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Entellus Security and Allied Services


Armed and Unarmed Security Guard

Armed and Unarmed Security Guard

We offer highly reliable services for providing Armed and Unarmed Security Guard. Our team, at Entellus Security and Allied Services, chooses the best Armed & Unarmed Security Guards only after testing them on several physical and intelligence parameters. Also, all the Armed & Unarmed Security Guards are fully trained and experienced. We can assure the customers that these Armed & Unarmed Security Guards will perform their assigned tasks with complete dedication and sincerity.


This is a well-known fact that the era of traditional security has gone. These days, the security of your organization requires a well-planned security program managed by professionals who can provide security by identifying dangers and providing for their elimination.


We offer choice of following types of security personnel

  • Unarmed Security Guards : Minimum height 5’7”, aged 21 - 45 yrs, minimum matriculate, having completed 15 days training at our academy
  • Armed SecurityGuard : Minimum 5' 7", aged 24 - 50 yrs, minimum matriculate, possession of valid gun license, having completed one week training as unarmed guard and one week training in firing and handling of personal
  • Security Supervisor : Minimum 5' 8", recruited from existing company strength after having proved supervisory capabilities or recruited directly by facing competition in case of exserviceman, aged 30 - 45 for civilians & 40 - 50 yrs for ex-serviceman, having done basic, instructional and field training at our academy.
  • Asst Security Officer : Essentially an ex-army/ex- police personnel in order to bring to the job intrinsic understanding of security needs and procedures, Subedar/Subedar Major or equivalent rank, 40 – 55 yrs, having done basic, instructional, field training and office attachment program.


Note : Physical and mental agility, resourcefulness, responsiveness, service with smile and strict adherence to the code of conduct are the hallmarks of ESAS team.



  • Rigid physical and educational standards while recruitment.
  • Special recruitment to suit clients' requirement like english speaking, computer literate, experience in fire fighting, etc.
  • Medical checkup.
  • Stringent verification of antecedents, education and experience both by ESAS investigating staff and police.



Selected after 2-stage interview :

  • First Interview : Aptitude test, Application form, Interview for suitability.
  • Second Interview : Physical test, Site suitability, Job offer.


Training :

Three-tier training i.e. basic/induction training, onthe- job training and refresher training is carried out at ESAS Training Academy. 15 days intensive basic/induction training. One week on-the-job training under instructor specially positioned at clients premises for the purpose. Refresher training is conducted at regular intervals to keep all personnel abreast with the latest techniques.


Curriculum Includes :

  • Physical training – Drill, PT, smartness & alertness.
  • Uniform, equipment & personal hygiene.
  • Fire fighting & first aid.
  • Code of conduct, public relations & mannerism.
  • Gate duties, telephone duties, documentation, car parking & traffic control.
  • Escorting of VIPs.
  • Search and frisking of persons, patrolling of premises.
  • Crisis management, liaisons with police, fire brigade station etc.
  • Electronic/Electrical gadgets, operation of generators, lifts, ATM machine etc.
  • Covert & Overt intelligence gathering.

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