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Entellus Security and Allied Services


Housekeeping Services

In Housekeeping Services, we have dedicated staff trained in their specific trades and with a business mission of providing our valued customers with healthy, hygienic & pollution free environment. Smart Colour Cleaning Systems used by us combines technology with the productivity and sanitation benefits of visual coding. Ergonomic cleaning products with color-coded enhancement help our housekeepers easily organize both their equipment and their workdays resulting in improved and efficient performance, no cross contamination, reduced risk, better sanitation and cleaner facilities. Our machines are drawn from international brands in the field of cleaning machines. From dependable classics to new innovations like Micro Fibre and ergonomically engineered cleaning tools we utilize a wide range of tools and mechanical equipment to make our work go faster and easier.

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Daily Housekeeping Services

Entellus Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd offers highly dedicated and reliable Daily Housekeeping Services. We make sure that only the most reliable and efficient staff is hired for rendering services. The daily housekeeping services include the under-mentioned tasks.


Weekly Housekeeping Services

While the regular Weekly Housekeeping Services (Daily Housekeeping Tasks) are being carried out, we have a vast list of jobs to be undertaken by our staff on weekly basis at our clients’ location. These tasks are performed preferably on weekly off days or else are included in the job cards of our staff and are routinely performed so as to come in weekly schedule.


Monthly Housekeeping Services

 Besides the daily and the weekly tasks, monthly tasks are earmarked to be done once in a month basis. These form an automatic part of the job schedule of the supervisors/ site in-charge and the staff alike.


Special Housekeeping Services

We provide Special Housekeeping Services to our valuable clients. We have a separate team of skilled housekeeping personnel who are well versed with the advanced cleaning processes, sanitation techniques and usage of latest machines.