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Entellus Security and Allied Services


Management Support Services

Management Support Services

In our Management Support Services we offer provisioning of personnel trained in various fields like general liaison, with dealers/vendors or local authorities. Reception personnel, mail room attendants, office runners/peons, catering personnel for in-house canteens and various other personnel to carryout daily tasks effectively. The general works includes the under-mentioned tasks.


Help Desk

  • Reception
  • Air & Railway ticket booking or cancellation.
  • Arranging Conferences inside the premises.
  • Arranging cabs for office staff members.
  • Arranging Pick up & drop facilities for guests.
  • Hotel booking for guests / arranging guesthouse facilities.
  • Coordinating with Facilities Management team for any office support.
  • Mobile/ telephone/electricity /water bill collection and deposition.
  • Coordinating with Administration for staff routine problems.
  • Petty cash handling.


Reception :

  • Greet Visitors and seat them.
  • Guide them to the meeting rooms or conference or relevant employee.
  • Avoid making visitors wait long, inform and remind the concerned individual about the appointment.
  • Ensure the right ambience is maintained at the reception.
  • Arrange all newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all times with the help of the cleaning department.
  • Collection of proximity cards or visitors slips before the visitor leaves the reception area.
  • Preparing necessary displays.



  • Prepare monthly reports on Visitor details etc.
  • Check and compare bills for newspapers, magazines and co ordinate for necessary payments


Mail Room Attendant :

  • Arrange for timely collection and delivery of mails/documents.
  • Maintain records of incoming and outgoing mails.
  • Arrange for proper segregation of mails and distribute in departments.
  • Ensure safe and secure packaging of parcels.
  • Coordinate with the courier company for timely pick up of documents and follow up & tracking of mail if required.
  • Randomly checking timely deliveries of the documents to the destination by the courier company.
  • Assist in negotiating contracts with Courier companies.


  • Prepare details and billing amounts for courier companies.
  • Check invoices of courier companies and advise for payments.


Office Attendants

  • Ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all times in their respective blocks with the help of
  • the cleaning department.
  • Do all the assigned work given by their respective blocks personnel i.e. getting papers Photostat, delivering mails to the departments, collecting mails from mail room etc.

Pantry Services

  • Serving Beverages.
  • Arranging & serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Refilling beverages vending machines.
  • Cleaning of pantries with help of housekeeping personals.
  • Up-keep of cafeteria, serving food & beverages



  • Prepare details of consumables of beverages vending machine.
  • Coordinating with supplier for requirements.

  • Help Desk

  • Mail Room Attendent

  • Pantry Service