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Monthly Housekeeping Services

Monthly Housekeeping Services

 Besides the daily and the weekly tasks, monthly tasks are earmarked to be done once in a month basis. These form an automatic part of the job schedule of the supervisors/ site in-charge and the staff alike. Our housekeepers make sure that all the monthly assigned tasks are completed within the pre-defined time and schedule. The Monthly Housekeeping Services include the under-mentioned tasks.


Dusting & Wiping : Dusting & wiping light fixtures affixed to walls (not part of ceilings) when completed the light fixtures shall be free from dirt, grime, dust and marks



  • Mansion Polish of furniture and other wooden fixtures where applicable.
  • Applying metal polishes to accessories or door handles, hand railings, lift walls, etc. where applicable.


Scrubbing : Scrubbing of all floor areas with scrubbing machines.

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